If you seriously want to force women into submissive roles, go to hell. You spout and spout and shit all over the second half of what creates life, the more important aspect of child bearing to be exact, go for it. So if women start leaving the country for some other place where they are respected and treated with respect, I say go for it!

Because the GOP,  Tea Party, and Libertarians seem to hate women, and minorities, and anyone else who doesn’t fit their views. What the hell? Maybe it’s a good thing that they seem to be ignorant and stupid about who they try to recruit, because we liberals are able to speak and truly mean what we say to the disenfranchised. Because we do mean what we say about and to women, LGBT, and minority communities and we want peace.

I at least want peace between the parties and factions, because if nothing else we can get some stuff done finally. But to get these things done with education, welfare, and other largely ignored areas of problems in America, we need to get the GOP and others to understand that they need to shut up and back off.  And to be honest, I generally try to not share or comment too much on the political stuff anymore outside of sharing things that people need to know. The reason is because I could easily launch into so many fits of anger and shit everywhere about how the GOP is fucking stupid, but that’ll accomplish nothing. So I’ve decided that when it comes to important things that need reshared and spread, I’ll do so. But to be honest, unless I really need to vent I am not going to say much.