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Classic games PC games, why I want to play them!

So, as I’m a gamer on Steam with my computer,  I have an odd assortment of games that if you looked at my owned list you’d realize that I’m unique in what I like and what I play. I have everything from the Half-Life to Weird World – Return to Infinite Space. I have new games, and now I’m collecting older games like NAM which is a Build engine Vietnam war game that plays like a half assed version of Duke and Doom in a somewhat well done manner. I also have collected game like Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver series to all most all the Star Wars games on Steam.

Who else is gonna bring you a broken Reaver? Who else is going to suck your soul?

But I keep going to the odd games, the older games and marveling at them. I’ve done this before, but not on the level that I am no. I picked up the Descent series off of GOG.com recently and I can honestly say that they might be old, they’re so new and fresh to me that I can’t believe that they existed over fifteen years ago. The exploration and degree of movement doesn’t exist in many games now, and the level design is great to boot.

So, as I dig these older games I play newer ones and the good ones I keep on my hard drive and play, but its the older games or the games that are similar to older ones that I keep playing. I don’t have a burning urge to learn everything about these games but I want to play them and experience them so at least someone out there knows about them. Yes, people have and will play them in the future, but I want to share them with you, through lets plays on Youtube and maybe some Twitch streaming here and there.  Cockpit view!

But my question for you readers is this: Can you share or help me get the games that I really want to dig into and explore? I’m a broke gamer but I’m more than willing to broker deals to through trading games and offering my writing services to people in exchange for titles and what not.  Pew Pew Pew!

So, I think I’m going to do a lets play from the get go of Descent, Eradicator, and maybe some other random titles that are easy on the eyes to follow along with my dialogue and comments. So, do you have any suggestions dear readers of what I should talk about or play?

Changes, or how I decided to do “Let’s plays”

Ok, so I now have a gaming computer and I have some great games I can record and or stream… So I’m gonna figure out how I want to do that.

But, I wanted to drop a line and say a few things about my “Lets Plays”

1. No screaming from me. Commentary is optional, but most of the time it will be just gameplay until I get my feet under me for how and when I want to do this.

2. No screaming from me. I absolutely hate how most “Lets Plays” my son watches is just a bunch of guys screaming incoherently into the mic and nearly blowing out my speakers 😡

F*cking screamers...
F*cking screamers…

3. This will be good games, this will be bad games. There will be games that I love. Just me, and if you don’t like em, skip em.

I have already posted a new one of F.E.A.R. and although its short, there are some choice moments in there for me personally. Look for the first time I use the Penetrator. 😀