How the hell?

Sometimes I’m lead down paths to insanity that can be momentary, or at worst prolonged. It can be a social, paranormal, emotional or a maze of other things.

I remember when I was with Amanda in the beginning and living in town with her family in a house. It was halloween, or near then. We had a person living with us and he was connected to other people and we’d go drink off and on.

So one night after stupid shit had gone down with the landlord of said house, Tommy the guy living with us took us out. Him and his friend Mike who had a car drove us out to get high.

Amanda had never smoked weed, but she took a hit. She coughed like mad and I got half stoned just from clambaking.

We had gone to a local lake ans were parked between two run off pita that were 80ft deep. As we sat there trying to discuss our issues, Amanda kept seeing a ghost press its face against her window. She convinced us to go, and we drove backroads for what felt like an eternity.

We were driving and missed the turn and went up this muddy road. We got stuck, and Tommy jumped out to push the car out. I got out and pushed, and looked back.

Remember Leatherface? Something walking down the lane looked like Leatherface. Me and Tommy screamed in terror, and got the car loose. We jumped in and Amanda and Mike were screaming in terror. We drove off, and that thing was still stumbling down the lane.

That is one of the most terrorizing memories I have, and it randomly pops up. Damn.


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