Roaming thoughts on time


Today I had an odd experience at 2:14pm up to 6:15pm. I think somehow I slipped into a state of mind or maybe a thinny of sorts.

At 2:14 Amanda got up to do something. I had been playing my PSP while chilling next to her. The next thing I remember she was asking what to make for lunch.

I told her my opinion, and she set the pork steaks in the oven. I was kind of half playing my PSP and I think I zoned out.

But suddenly its 3:04 and lunch is ready. I smoke every hour or so and I felt like I hadn’t had one for hours.

If your a smoker, you know that feeling. Amanda says she put the food in and prepped the salad around 2:35-40.

Now, while lunch was being prepared my daughter (beautiful creature she is) was getting noisy for breastmilk.

Wife and I soothed her while food cooked. Amanda brought our food in and she fed Roo. I ate and looked at my phone. It was 3:14. Not too strange right?

At one point between 2:40 and 3:04 I remember saving and turning off my PSP. My son was in living room on XBOX.

I distinctly remember looking at Roo and she seemed frozen. Didn’t move, no sounds from kitchen. Then bam, I feel like I’ve not smoked in hours.

So, 3:19 or so I go smoke. I come in and explain to Amanda that I’m missing time, or at least something feel off.

She sooths my worries and tells me I didn’t go anywhere and nobody came and took me.

I have a huge fear of abduction. I felt better and moved on. Watching the clock. I left the house at 3:49, and had to goto BP before work. Went to BP and clocked in at 3:58.

Walking to work takes 10mins. Going across the street and shopping at BP takes 10mins.

I should have clocked in at 4:10ish.

I didn’t. So, from 4pm to about 5pm time went funny. I remember looking at phone and thinking its only 4:06?

The work I did takes 15mins or so to do. Look again, its 4:25.

Off and on again for the next hour and 45mins time would slow down and speed up.

What the fuck!?

Im still a bit freaked out. But, if anyone has some suggestions on what occured, comment!


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