Strange dream(s)

I’m a firm believer in that dreams sometimes hold information. Past, present, internal and external knowledge can be gleaned from them. I had a dream the other day that is still bothering me.

I was walking home around 6-7pm and the sky was this odd blue you get off and on around here around that time of night near fall. Its the blue that Beast is in the 90s cartoon. But there are massive storm clouds forming over the hill I currently live on for now.

Out of these clouds a tornado forms, dropping on the left side of the hill. My appt I live in is on the right. It tears up the hill and dissapates. Other tornados are forming as I watch all around me along with the winds and lightning.

Out of the storm clouds, five F-16 fighters come angling towards the ground with a chemical that is forming the storms pouring out of them. This is where it gets strange…

Two alien fighters drop from the sky. They’re the same blue as the sky and they have this sparkle to them. I know instantly they’re trying to fight for us civilians who are being attacked around the world by our military amd government.

They bait the jets into following them high up. The fighters seemed organic, almost as if they were alive. Missles shoot from both sides, but the aliens’ make direct hits.

I woke up then. I know in my heart of hearts that these interlopers were the good guys. The mil/gov kept referring to them as attackers on the news and twitter ect.

But what bothers me the most ia how real it all felt. I actually had to wake up in order to realize it was a dream. I don’t normally have that visceral of dreams, but this… was frighteningly real.

I keep having snatches of dreams appear in my head at night. Things I can’t remember but I know I need to. I feel something is coming for not the US, but the world. We’re on the cusp of a strange and changing revelation soon.

I don’t know what it is or even pretend to know, but it has to do with us as humans interacting with things from the skies above us.

Sooo… any thoughts?!


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