Starseed. Or what the hell is wrong with me?

I’ve been doing some light searches into the starseed or Indigo Adult information. It started with a basic google search of spiritual reasons why I would feel so lonely. I feel that loneliness almost constantly. The ache in my soul to fill a massive void that can and does appear randomly but mostly when things aren’t going right in my life.

Some small signs of being an Indigo Adult that I fit:

1. Constantly feeling alone or that your not human.
2. Healing or energy work comes natural to you.
3. Extraordinary abilities.

I’m not going to detail it but today has been a good example
of how that happens. It was just a horrible no good day.

And I’ve been fighting that void all day. I try my best not to sink into that pit… and so far I haven’t. But the loneliness is there. Constantly chewing away from me and my happiness. Its always been there.

I know that I was concieved and born in loneliness, and that I was sent here twice. I’m supposed to be. I think I’m supposed to be a shaman, but I’m so broken that I don’t feel effective.

But I know I am when I’m on the top of my game. But I’m not right now. I feel disconnected from friends and family. I feel like I’m not heard. But I want, crave to be honest, to be heard. By my family and friends. By strangers passing by. My message is of understanding and acceptance.

Ill post more later. Some experiences that let me know I’m right about the StarSeed stuff.


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