The war on women in America

There are three hidden wars going on in America right now. And three important things are being destroyed systemetically. Women, the Poor, and our privacy. All three are highly important to a “free” society. This is the first of three parts.

Women: take a look around you. Do you not see the rape culture that has infected boys aged 15-25? That they think they can take what ever they want from you because they’re “men”? And the people standing up for women are being destroyed too. The man who started the ball rolling to get the Stubenville victim justice is facing investigation. Why? Because he let loose data that convicted the rapists.

Lawmakers are currently trying to take the right to control your body away from you.

Laws are inacted to punish you for making a highly personal choice: abortion. You can go to jail for having one in certain states.

The American dream extends only as far as they can control your reproductive rights.


“Slut” shaming

Being sexually active and not being afraid of it isn’t wrong. Its what you should be doing. We humans are sexual creatures. And women have a right to be or not be.

I will be honest: women are limited by society and peers for being sexually active when men are given a free pass. Fuck that. Sexuality is your choice: to be or not be as you see fit.

Not to mention that I want more women to be open about their views and ideas on sexuality.

Why? Because maybe men will finally realize that they are assholes. Nothing like a man being told he’s not sexually satisfying to put him in his place. The flipside of the coin is a harsh truth.

And just because you aren’t sexual in the ways society and peers think you should be is A-OK too. You don’t have to be either. People are beautiful. You are too. And if you reserve that beauty for a specific partner or just yourself, its your choice.

It also brings to light the forced standards of beauty and place in society. You know what your told about the preconcieved notion of good looking vs ugly. Fuck that too. You are who you are. Own it. Find even just one aspect of yourself that you love and celebrate it! Because if you can find one thing you love about yourself there will be more.

Also, fuck makup. Be yourself, naturally. Celebrate your beauty that you have without the chemicals and poisons you paint upon yourselves.


You ladies are told how to act and be mothers if you chose to. You are the parent of your child/ren. Not your friends. Not your mother. You. And if you have a partner they are too. But do not allow people to shame you into feeling like you are a bad mom because you do it your way.

Tough to do, but its a simple truth. You raise your family the way you see fit. And if you make mistakes, that happens. Sometimes when I really think about it I freak that I’m a shit dad. But I realize my wife would tell me.

But women are told all the time how to be a real mother. Fuck that. You decide how you raise your kids and do it.


You need to take back the rights stolen from you. I and many men who are real men will help you do so. Do not stand idly while men and women steal your right to freedom. Lawmakers, religious leaders, and peers are destroying it for you.

Ladies… you need to take a stand and demand your rights, legal and sociological, NOW!

Sorry if this is rambly/crazy. Getting ready for work and no time to edit.


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