Panic about my hand…

Rarely do I panic about health issues when it comes to me. I usually say fuck it and move on. Today and even as I type this on my phone I’m scared. My left hand didn’t work. It felt funny when I got up and after awhile I knew it wasn’t the normal I slept on it funny response.

My thumb and pointer were useless and I couldn’t hold anything. I have to admit taking a shower I was crying because I couldn’t use it. I felt stupid and useless. I was scared that I wouldn’t be better. I work with my hands and I linda need em. I thought about my gaming and writing. Holding or even saving my kids would be nearly impossible.

As the day went on and my limits were more evident I freaked in my head more. Then I calmed down talking to Amanda and my mobility is improving. Its better but not perfect. I can text one line at a time but its slow going.

Mostly I see it as a sign to get a physical and see what caused it.

Still scared.


2 thoughts on “Panic about my hand…”

  1. Sounds like a possible pinched nerve, nerve damage, or… something a bit more serious. I’m not a doctor, but my left hand has been numb for about a month, sometimes more than others. Right now, slightly numb. Other times, I can’t feel half my hand. (Pinkie, Ring) but I figure it’s a pinched nerve in my elbow, as it started when I started sitting in the chair I sit in. Common sense. Nothing major, I just have to sit better.

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