Shitty female leads

I have scripts for issues 0 and 1 done for me and my wife’s comic book. It started out as a thinking exercise where I wanted to create a female protagonist that wasn’t overly sexualized or vapid. When Jenny is in her suit she doesn’t look like a woman, she looks like a badass. And something that I am really fucking sick of is the fact that as a male consumer who is for greater female characters in my media being shitty. I fucking hate how women are objectified by their physical attributes. A woman is more than a fuckable torso. That’s harsh way of putting it, but look at Powergirls boob window. Look at how most female villians and heroes are drawn in poses that would kill them or at least hurt the spinal column.

I also have a daughter now and while some damn good female leads exist I want more normal ones for her to see and enjoy. Fuck Disney princess shit. Fuck overly sexualized females. Fuck this rape culture that we, as a world have pushed further and further.

I want people to also understand that I know there is a time and place for sex and sexuality in media. I’m for it, but don’t cheapen the strong female leads we need for ourselves and our kids. Its not just girls who need strong female leads, in someways boys need them even more. We need to show the kids that we raise and love that anyone can be strong without having to be sexualized or stereotyped.

Its kinda like the Jolie op-ed where the highest liked comment is “Poor Brad.”

What the unholy fuck!?

How the hell can you think of Brad Pitt who stood by his wife through physical, mental, and emotional turmoil! He did what any loving husband would do while his wife made one of the hardest decisions of her life. She is a real hero. She is a hero. So any of you fucking assholes who pity Pitt can go eat a god damned bullet. Jolie bared her heart and soul about something that needs addressed. And double massectomy or not she’s a damn beautiful person. For her humanitarian acts and for dealing with a massive life changing incident and still carrying on her life. That’s a hero.


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