Transhumanism and why it excites me

Transhumanism and why I want it

While I enjoy my physical body, I know like the rest of us its getting used and abused by the intentional and unintentional things that I do to it. I drink too much coffee, smoke too many cigarettes, and I have done horrible things to my body in my youth like lifting weights when I have scoliosis. I’m going to be thirty this year and my body feels worn out in spots. My knees hurt, my back hurts, my elbow is now starting to hurt. I don’t want to grow old and frail, physically and certainly not mentally. If we can prolong our lives with machines or even a biological manner, why not?

This longing for a singularity or transhumanism isn’t just limited to me, but to hundreds of thousands of people who are actively working on the goal of becoming more than what our body is able to do. While it scares some people that they will not be human anymore, I believe fully if you are able to maintain your consciousness, you are human. When we look at robotics and AI’s we try to make them more and more human as time passes so the Uncanny Valley comes and goes and we can live and work harmoniously with them. We fight to try and make an AI that would rival the human mind, but I believe that we will need to upload a person’s mind into a machine before we can truly get an AI that is of human level intelligence. The theory behind this is that if an uploaded consciousness can create or teach a computer how to be human on its level, it will work.

But transhumanism doesn’t have to be seen as scary or an evil thing, and one thing that does concern me is how religions will view the technology to fix or alleviate ourselves to a higher existence by using machines. But transhumanism isn’t limited to a mechanical upgrade, but it could biologically done too. We could start splicing DNA from animals that we want attributes to, similar to the plasmids in Bioshock. If possible it would either be permanently or for a limited time (I personally think a limited time would be best at first). But one of the largest things concerning any form of transhumanism is the legality.

If we are able to fix ourselves and our errors on a genetic or mechanical level, there will need to be rules and laws regarding what can be installed and what is illegal. Weapons, concealed or otherwise would be outlawed, and I respect that. But if you’re creating a smarter, faster you, it should be an open market that the technologies follow a regulated and controlled manner. We need to have personal accountability for our own actions, but we also need to make sure that the upgrades will not destroy us because some back room mad scientist has decided to splice your DNA with a jelly fish or honey bee for the shit and giggles of it.

But when it comes to the personal aspects of this idea, we need to keep in mind that we already are on the road to transhumanism by having pace makers, artificial hearts, lungs, and eyes. But to selectively decide to upgrade yourself to make you or your life better we that already too by furthering our education, expanding our knowledge, and fixing the emotional and mental issues that we have.

This is just the beginning of posts I’m going to work on over time about transhumanism and its potential effects upon us.

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