Bipartisan, or how the fuck to grow up.

If you or anyone you know is smart, you actually hope to the gods that maybe in our American political system the Republicans and Democrats will work together to fix shit. Instead we’re a bunch of fucking kids fighting on the playground about who gets to go down the slide first and then we bitch about how the other party fucked it all up before we could. 

Look, I understand that we are all individuals but at the end of the day, we all need to work together. We have some severe issues in this country, much less world, that we need to fix. Everything from economic woes of the poor, the earth we keep raping for sustenance, and the rape culture that has apparently been ok’d willingly or unwillingly…

Instead of being fucking children fighting on a playground here are some ideas for either party to consider.

A: don’t open your mouth when discussing laws if you you’re going to use unintelligent religious bias. Too many times some crackpot says some stupid shit based on his religion that angers not just the opposing party but even his own. Adkins comes to mind.

B: Don’t be a douche and cockblock the cockblockers anymore. For too damn long either party stonewalls and fights the other side if they don’t exactly what they want. What. The. Fuck. We’re adults here, or atleast we’re supposed to be. Work together for a solution that is best for the PEOPLE. You’re in that office to serve us, not yourselves.

C: Maybe just leave the religion out of everything. More and more I think about it, the Separation of Church and State doesn’t exist anymore. We hear so many times that a politician has inserted a foot into his mouth or ass because he made a smartass comment that HE FUCKING BELIEVES based on his religion. Damn. Just, damn.

D: Maybe we should take a step back and breath a little before we launch into attacks. I try to be balanced and fair in my arguments about politics, but more and more that line is being crossed repeatedly by people that just need to back off. When you have political leaders saying everything from impeaching the president to athiests shouldn’t be allowed to graduate… We really, really need to just take a step back and look at the shit we’ve stepped in. 

We have freedom of speech and religion in America… But when those rights and freedoms are infringing upon the peoples rights, you’re in the wrong. I let stupid people say stupid shit because it shows to me exactly who to avoid. So, maybe we can actually breath for a moment here…

Ok, deep breath taken, I want to say that I have no problems with people exercising freedoms given to them, but thinking first then acting will always be the best bet.


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