Political opinions

I’m going to come out swinging hard and fast, but this needs off my chest. I don’t get political and I usually skip everyone’s crazy political posts here and on Twitter but I need to speak.

1. Tax the rich. Get the money back into the economy and make use of it intelligently and correctly. The best way of doing so is to take the money from taxes and as +Amanda Lyons said, put tariffs on corporations and companies that import materials and export jobs. Just enough to make it valuable to export and keep jobs here. Take that money and find work that needs done by all levels of education from road work to research sciences.

2. Provide for the poor. Feed them, clothe them, heal them, educate them, house them. For free, until they are economically stable and can start to pay taxes or to start paying back what assistance they received without ruining them financially. 

3. Provide free education that holds the students at a higher accountability level than for pay education. You get a free education if you keep a certain GPA, and complete your education. If it must be paid back, it falls under 2. provisions. 

4. Allow gay marriage. Fuck the people who are religious and say that it’ll ruin the foundations of god. You know what? You’re an asshole if your denying a right to anyone first of all, second of all who the fuck told you it was ok to deny marriage to a certain group of people because its not your life? No one, that’s who.

5. Tighten gun laws. Make it nearly impossible to get a gun unless you absolutely meet the requirements for getting one. Mental health exams, gun training courses, it doesn’t matter, just make it difficult to get a gun. Bullets too. Make them expensive or set a limit. Do something. I am personally sick of seeing so and so went ballistic and shot up x place because of y bullshit reason. Or no reason at all.

6. Legalize marijauna. This is a drug that doesn’t physically kill anyone nor does it cause issues like bath salts or crack cocaine. Plus it would free room up in our jails for people who deserve to be in jail. We’re on the right path but its not good enough yet.

7. Provide help to the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed that doesn’t punish them looking for help. In the current American health care system anyone who has deep seeded issues is punished for seeking true mental health care. Someone who expresses or imply’s a desire or need for sexual contact or fantasizes about under age people is reported to the police. Why? If they’re there for help, and have not confessed to committing a crime why are they treated as such? This needs to change.

8. Freedom from religion is as important as freedom of religion. If you’re a political leader you should not be allowed to base your political agenda based on your religious beliefs. The next motherfucker who says that gay marriage is against god and he’s vetoing the bill to legalize it is gonna get my comments shoved in their face. I will call, email, post, comment them to insanity because you have no right ruling or judging your people based on your religious views. To all the companies who deny Plan B because of religious or “moral” reasons you can burn in your hell. 

9. Tax the rich and make them pay for the shit economy they put us into. Tax breaks for the wealthy lead us into this bullshit mess and they can get us out of it. 

10. Respect each other’s rights even if you don’t agree with them. This is something that has really burned me over the last few years, the lack of respect anyone has shown towards the opposition. If we’re not careful we’re going to be in another civil war and it’ll be rich vs poor or political parties versus each other. We already have enough gun totting morons wanting to light up the country for a bullshit reason in the first place… do we really need an open civil war?


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