Organized religion and sexuality

Organized religion and sex

Outside of the normal human thoughts and views on sex, organized religion has destroyed what people could honestly view in a personal manner and has forced us to constantly examine not our own sexuality but everyone else’s too. This isn’t right unless your trying to identify someone as a potential partner or just human curiosity. But as organized religion has made it quite clear we are supposed to stick to “traditional” sexual practices. Fuck that noise. If its not illegal (which is a different beast entirely, legal rules and laws outside of laws that must exist) and if you like it, makes you feel good… Do it. If you want to have a different partner a night do it, but be safe. You want a monogamous relationship, go for it. 

  But organized religion spends so much time focusing on your sex and others’ that it makes them sound like that horny 8th grader trying to figure out what beating off is without wanting to ask his friends what that is. OR spends too much time focusing on that gay sex is a crime against god that they don’t even try and explain why it might be. I believe that we are each our own persons and our sexual prefferences all end up being grouped together as best as possible, but we’re each our own creatures. See, in my view the entities or gods that might or might not watch over us have one of two views on sex. A) they just don’t give a fuck how we well, fuck. B) as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and it makes us feel good do what we like.

  As a pagan who believes in archetypes of god and not “named” or p ersonified gods I honestly think they don’t care what we do as long as harm doesn’t come to you or your partner. But my views are forged by my existence and life experiences. I come from a religious background that I’ve had to fight for years since breaking from the Judeo-Christian religions. But in all honesty sex needs to stay out of the organized religious’s hands because they’re destroying lives who are affected by the bullshit they spout out into the world. Your not evil if your gay, have multiple partners, or like to be whipped. Your not evil for your sexual preferences at all. That’s just a part of you, and while a large part (for men and women) it doesn’t usually define you in a nutshell. And OR spends so much time and money on fighting the sexual freedoms that we deserve in our lives that it sickens me to hear another religious person freaking out and telling us that the LGBT community will fry in a hell for who they are. Fuck that. Wake the fuck up and realize that your sexual identity is yours, fucking own it.

The ancient religious texts are archaic and out dated in our world, and this leads to wars, arguments, and problems with people or nations. By basing laws and rules upon outdated texts from an older society we are limiting ourselves. Yes, we need laws against murder, theft, rape, and ect… but we also don’t need to have our leaders of our countries based on religious beliefs is disheartening in this advanced world of ours. Sex is necessary on an emotional, physical, and mental level and to have religious people to tell us how we can fuck is sickening. 

So keep your crazy out of my bedroom.Image


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