Music, and why it matters

Music got me through some of the toughest parts of my life. High school and my mothers passing. She passed away when I was 22, just after my son was born. She was a driving force in my life, one of the damn good people that I trusted and loved unconditionally. 

But she passed away at 53, after making lunch one Sunday. My brother gave her CPR until the ambulance got to their house 20 mins after the initial call.

But first, high school. I was hated, mistreated, picked on, and generally the outcast. People didn’t understand me, and wouldn’t take the time to either. So I delved into music. Everything from Marilyn Manson to Eminem, but on the flip side I loved Richard Marx and 80’s pop.

Actually, I had several songs that haunted me at nights that I would leave it on the local pop stations. Most noticeably was “She’s Like the wind” By Patrick Swayze. It would come on around 3 am almost every other day, and I’d wake up, sing along quietly and go back to bed. Every time it came on

. Knights in white Satin did the same thing but not as often or as much.

But music to me is about making a connection to others, people you don’t know, through the music they make or made. For years in highschool I had a jukebox mind, randomly calling up full songs and playing them in my head from begging to end, and it kept me company.

But I needed music to get me through tough times, and it was there. Its one thing that I will never abandon, even though lately I seem to be focusing more on Podcasts and not music when I listen to something. But I need to make a more concentrated effort to listen to music when I can.

How many of you have actually thanked the existence of music because it kept you going?

But music is one of those things where you and you alone know why you love it. It could be dubstep, could be country. But only you can explain to yourself why you like it or prefer it. But there are so many bands out there that I would love to own CD’s of, but it never seems to happen because of money or lack of availability.

But I know that music will always be there for me, in my head or on my computer. And this make me smile 😀


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